Each design is an expression of your dreams!

We don’t just make wedding card and boxes we craft them with care, love and perfection so that each invite is there to remember.

Inspired by rich Indian traditional motifs or modern day inspirations, we take time to develop a unique concept for each piece. Our team works very closely with you to understand your needs and articulate it through intricate design concepts. From sourcing the finest paper to experimenting with new materials like marble wedding boxes, we constantly strive to maintain quality and uniqueness in all our work. Our large clientele includes renowned export houses, businessmen, food giants like Nando’s and more. Check out our finely crafted pieces for marriages and special events.

  • wedb

    Book Launch, Event invitation and book box.

  • wedb

    Inspired by the royal families of India, Marriage boxes and cards

  • wedb

    Themes based on vintage prints, Victorian weddings and designs of bygone era.

  • wedb

    Wedding card, custom shaadi boxes inspired by Indian Heritage.